Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Highly experienced and skilled in all aspects of IT & AV infrastructure, 4FRONT’s team designs, plans, and implements a full suite of solutions to businesses of every size.

Data Centre Design

The Data Centre or Server Room is the most important space in any building. It must support the technical demands of the organisation as well been future proofed to allow for the growth of the business.

4FRONT consultants will engage your IT department and business teams to assess and fully understand the overall technical requirements. The output of this assessment will be the information required by your Architect, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Structural Engineer and Quantity Surveyor. These typically include:

Floor plans

Including locations for Racks, Air-Conditioning Plant, UPS, Power Distribution Boards, Fire Suppression bottles.

Performance Specifications for Raised Access Flooring

Air-conditioning, UPS, Power distribution, Access Control, Water detection, Fire Suppression.

"Working with us, you can be assured of an innovative solution from industries cutting-edge vendor."

Technical Office Fit-Out

4FRONT consultants will design, plan and deploy new AV, Voice & Data Infrastructure and, subsequently, shoulder responsibility for the design and management of the server/data room within the construction project.

During the planning stages of a company fit-out or relocation, the AV, Voice & Data infrastructure move is of critical importance and must always be handled effectively. 4FRONT consultants run the IT project in parallel with the fit-out project, ensuring the design team is aware of all voice and technical requirements.

4FRONT consultants maintains working relationships with major vendors and can deliver IT, AV & Security end to end solutions that conform to budgets. Selecting 4FRONT consultants means you will save time and money, imperative considerations for any fit-out.

Additional Services

Other services include storage management, email management and business productivity solutions, all delivered on premise or from the cloud as a service.