Digital and Forensic World

We have acted for clients internationally on a variety of matters, such as cyber-crime, enforcement of intellectual property rights, investigations of financial irregularities, theft of confidential data, and criminal breach of trust.

Multinational companies transacting business digitally across borders of mature markets and less-economically developed countries must safeguard their proprietary and client information against a range of home-grown and borderless adversaries--local criminals, malicious insiders, state and non-state cyber hackers, transnational criminal and terrorist groups--and be prepared to litigate within environments that are home to erratic rule of law and governance.

Cyber Capabilities

Proactive risk and vulnerability assessments

Assessment of a company’s operations, cyber threats, regulatory obligations and current security controls in order to present the company with a clear understanding of the cyber risks it currently faces. This provides the basis for a prioritized roadmap of cyber security activities. Assessments include a combination of formal system analysis and automated application and infrastructure testing.

Day-to-day security operations

There are several categories of ongoing security activities, including account provisioning, vulnerability and patch management, security technology administration, and ongoing log monitoring. These ensure that the company is following industry best practice as it relates to maintaining a secure state.

Incident response and remediation

Given that any organization can be breached, it is critical to be prepared and positioned to minimize impact. This entails setting up the cyber incident response team, procedures, communications and decision-making processes ahead of time and testing them periodically.

Security policy development

Effective management of cyber security risk depends on clear security policies and employee awareness of such policies. International standards such as ISO 27001/2 can be used as the basis for security policies and standards, but they need to be customized for a company’s operations and environment.

"Securely navigating a digital and forensic world"

Digital Forensics

We have provided consistent and valuable support to law firms, in-house counsel, and internal investigators, managing the collection, preservation and processing of data in eDiscovery matters for a range of local and overseas litigation, arbitration, and regulatory matters. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Digital Forensics
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Information Governance
  • Online Investigations
  • Training