Audio Visual

Highly experienced and skilled in all aspects of Audio visual technology, 4FRONT's team designs, plans, and implements a full suite of solutions to businesses of every size.

Audio Technology

We offer complete acoustic solutions, including voice and video conferencing as well as integrated speaker systems.

Video Technology

We leverage the latest video technology, including projection and standard LCD/Plasma displays, integrating it into our control system solutions.

Control and Automation (SMART) Systems

We empower our clients to totally manage their environment—audio visual, lighting, blinds, AC and electronic frosting—within their homes, offices, planes or boats—integrating it into defined devices, including Apple (iPad & iPhone) and Android Products.

"Working with us, you can be assured of an innovative solution from industries cutting-edge vendor."

Video Collaboration

Business today spans the globe. Therefore, collaboration is essential for success in this fluid environment. Scheduling meeting rooms and being confined to a single location are things of the past. Today’s workforce expects to contribute their thoughts and content from desktops, meeting rooms, home PCs or mobile devices to benefit of their organizations.

They also want to annotate and share documents, participate in videoconferences, and work on projects simultaneously, while seamlessly moving between collaboration mediums. The industry calls it video collaboration, but we believe it’s the way to gets things done. We can help you do it.